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Healthy Brownies Recipe

Healthy brownies...I know what you are thinking. Either they taste like crap or they're not really healthy. But trust me...this recipe is my new life saver (Thank you Syd!!!)

I am 28 weeks into my second pregnancy and about 10 weeks into monitoring my gestational diabetes for the second time. After halloween week I was pretty bummed out. I just wanted to gorge on sweets. Not only was it halloween and I couldn't touch the candy in my house (except in 15 grams of carbs at a time and paired with a protein...not exactly what I would call a good gorge, but it was my son's first time trick or treating...and he doesn't even like most candy! He would take a bite and say I'm done, leaving me holding the rest of his uneaten candy, drooling. It was like torture.

Thankfully, a few weeks ago I was introduced to this brownie recipe - and trust me, I was a skeptic at first too! It's gluten free and has A LOT less carbs than normal brownies, plus it's packed with healthy p…

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